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Friday, February 5, 2010


I was raised to accept people that were different from me. And by different from me, I mean people who looked, acted, believed or behaved different. As a child, I did not pay attention to what a classmate looked like. If they were cool, I was friends with them. I didn't care. As I grew older, I tried to keep things this way. I admit, it didn't always happen that way, and it still doesn't. But it is the way I was raised and I do my best. I recognize that other people have different belief systems from me. I admit to not knowing much about religion. I have learned a bit along the way but there is a lot I don't know. There is a lot that I question. There is a lot that I don't agree with. I am slowly coming to realize what I do agree and believe in now that I have grown older.
Foremost though, I believe in not pushing our beliefs on others. What a person believes is their business and should be respected. If you do not know for a fact how somebody feels about religion, I do not think it is right to send things to them that have to do with the religion you believe in. It's just not a good idea and can often be offensive if done enough.
Believing this as I do, I try to respect others and their beliefs to the best of my abilities and I simply ask for the same in return. Whether a person is a friend, family member, acquaintance, somebody you don't even know or an entire different culture, respect them and what they believe in. It is not our place to say what is right and wrong and we cannot control how other people think and feel.


  1. Hey Michelle, awesome post. I agree with you %100. I try to use this idea in my views of people's lifestyle, choices, personality and nature. I try to accept them for who they are, and what they do. I try, unless of course they are causing harm to themselves or others, well you get the point. I think this is a great post and I am glad that you brought that up. :)

  2. Everyone has their own personal truth, who am I or anyone else have the right or authority in what to believe.

  3. Definitely, agree with you. great post.